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Welcome to our School Values Trophy page.

Hope  Thankfulness  Forgiveness  Trust  Wisdom  Friendship  Compassion

Peace  Respect  Love  Responsibility  Self-Belief

Head Teachers Values Champion

For showing the value 

Peace and Love helping others to full their buckets in a thoughtful and kind way.

Well done Chloe




Class Christian Values Champions


What a class of starts you are!!

I’m so proud of each and every one of you for how fabulous you were yesterday and Wednesday. You showed great self-belief and respect to others when they were performing and put a huge smile on everyone’s face!

I could quite happily choose each and every one of you for being so fabulous….. So I have!


Well done Rabbits you are simply brilliant!!!


Well well well darlings, what can I say this week?

What an amazing bunch of Hedgehogs I have!

You showed hope, self-belief, took responsibility for your part in our nativity and were just brilliant. It would be impossible for me to choose one star when you are all stars. I am bursting with pride as

I write this.

You were STRICTLY amazing!


All of the Hedgehogs class deserve the values cup this week!


What a busy week for our fab Squirrels this week. We have introduced two new active English cards, personification and onomatopoeia.

BOOM!! You smashed it this week filling up everyone’s buckets with your kind words and happy personality.

Keep working hard and you will soon be writing in pen.


Well done Libby!


Starting to get very festive this week around the school!

We have been super busy in Badgers getting ready to plan our very own Thor myth! We have learned about the Viking invasion of the UK and the bloody and brutal battles that rocked our country 1300 years ago.

The person I have chosen this week has been filling everyone around thems’ buckets and spreading smiles to everyone in class!


Well done …….Islay!