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Synergy Super League 2017/18

Synergy Super League 2017-18 Runners Up


St Faiths & St Martins 4 - 1 Fiskerton

A huge well done to both teams. A great match with great team work and sportsmanship. 

Semi - Final

Fiskerton Vs St Giles Academy

Both teams played extreamly well, showed great teamwork and sportsmanship. A 6 - 1 win saw us move onto the final.

Our goals scored by Kems 2, Oscar 2, Alfie & Ben.

Well done team!!

Fiskerton Primary Vs PollyPlatt Primary

Our first game of the Synergy League saw us play Pollyplatt Primary.

It was a very hot day so we played the game in 4 quarters. Both teams played extremely well considering the heat and showed great sportsmanship.

The overall score was 12 - 0 to Fiskerton with goals from Sam M 1, Ben 2, Kemegny 5, Noah 1, and Alfie 3. 

Fiskerton Vs Reepham

Our second game took us to Reepham Primary.

Both teams played fantastically well with both passion and determination.

The final score was Fiskerton 5 - 0 Reepham.

Goals from Noah 1, Alfie 1, Kemegny 1, Oscar 1, Ben 1.

Fiskerton Vs Westgate Academy

Our third game saw us play against Westgate Academy.

We had a tough start to the match and was 2 - 0 down at half time.

The second half saw us come back with an instant goal. An amazing cross by Sam M and goal by Kem.

Fiskerton fought hard through the second half and showed really good teamwork. We came away with a

4 - 2 win.

Goals scored Kem 2 and Ben 2. 2 goals assisted by Sam M.

Ermine Academy Vs Fiskerton

It was another hot afternoon so we played the match in four quarters. 

Another slow start for Fiskerton saw us 2 - 0 down by the end of the second quarter.

We soon picked up in the third quarter and by the end of the full match Fiskerton took the win, 6 - 0!!

Goals by Alfie3, Ben 2, Oscar 1.