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Hedgehogs Home Learning

Term 6 Home learning  - Continuing Wacky Weather


You challenge this half term is to complete a set of tasks in addition to our learning at school.

Below is a selection for you you choose at least 5 activities to complete.

English - 

  • Research your own information about Africia - You could choose a country such as Egypt and write about it, or use art and computing to show your findings
  • Write a diary pretending you are on a safari
  • Draw and label in detail an Antarctic sea-scape including the animals there
  • Write a story about an adventure in a cold or hot country
  • Continue to practice handwriting and spelling
  • Collect more information about verbs, adverbs and adjectives. Use them in sentences


  • Make a 3D model of an animal that lives in Africa or in the Antarctic. Any style you wish
  • Write a daily weather report, spanning 1-2 weeks
  • Rehearse a weather man/woman report using a map of the UK and weather symbols
  • Keep practicing times tables and addition and subtraction above 20/50/100 etc
  • Continue to use and work with coins 


In addition to these activities please continue to read with your child on a regular basis. Your child can change their reading book as often as they like. You also have to option to read on Bug Club where books will be allocated.

Useful Websites 

Here are some useful website that you can use to support your child's leanring: